Our story

Grup Living was born in 2007 from the founder Jaume Domingo's desire to provide quality real estate services and enhance the consumer experience in the process of buying or selling their homes. The Group has established itself firmly in the Sitges housing market, becoming the leader in the local sector with our luxury home division, Dust and Sand Luxury Homes, and the renowned brand Living Sitges, offering properties for sale, rent, and new construction promotions.

Our personalized services enable our clients to achieve the best results and a great selling experience. Our commitment to the processes, our experience, and our sales team make the difference.

If you want to ensure success in your real estate transactions, we are your best ally.

New housing development in Salou

Residential complex of 97 new construction homes with 2 and 3 bedrooms located in the Emprius Area south of Salou.

The complex stands out for its large community area with swimming pool, paddle tennis court, solarium, green areas and children's play area.


New construction

Sold promotions

Sitges Homes


80 homes

Sitges Homes II


48 homes

Sant Honorat


4 homes

Aiguadolç Homes


48 homes

Aiguadolç Homes II


35 homes


Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our experience in wealth management allows you to optimize and protect your real estate investments. We offer personalized services to effectively manage your property portfolio, ensuring sustainable growth over time.

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments

Are you looking for solid real estate investment opportunities? We have a team specialized in identifying and evaluating properties that generate attractive returns. We help you make informed decisions to maximize your investment in the real estate market.

Legal and Tax Consulting

Legal and Tax Consulting

Our legal and tax consultancy provides you with the necessary support in legal and tax matters related to housing. We will guide you through regulations and procedures, ensuring that your real estate transactions are safe and comply with current regulations.

Legal, fiscal, economic and technical management services:

  • Advice on purchase and sale matters. Drafting, formalization and/or supervision of deposit contracts and sale of real estate.
  • Advice on urban leases. Drafting , formalization and/or supervision of lease contracts, extensions, assignments, bonuses, contractual waivers and commercial transfers.
  • Property administration - Vertical property.
  • Advice on Horizontal Property matters Claims for late payment.
  • Verification of the property's registry data. Processing of registry registrations.
  • Constitution of Communities of Property. Constitution of Communities of Owners.
  • Defense and legal representation before the courts of justice in the civil field, in matters related to urban leases and communities of owners, as well as criminal defense.
  • Settlement of Property Transfer Tax (ITP) and Legal Acts Documented (AJD). Municipal capital gains.
  • Inheritances.


  • Obtaining permits and residency renewals.
  • Nationality.
  • Digital nomad life.


Make the purchase or sale of a home a simple, exciting and pleasant path for our clients, providing the solutions, tools and personal support to make this possible. Adapting to new market contexts to give the best advice to our clients and defend their interests.


We want our company to lead a change in the real estate sector, based on ethics, trust and transparency with our clients. With services that provide the best solutions and facilities to buy or sell a home. We want that our legacy be a good memory of the purchase or sale of your house.

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since 2007

We accompany you in one of the most important decisions of your life

Living Sitges
Dust & Sand Sitges

Quality of Service

Personalized treatment with our clients based on satisfying their needs


We stand by our word. Our professional team, close and specialized in the real estate sector, will give you everything you need to be calm


We use the best tools to achieve our goals


Everything we do is designed to have the minimum environmental impact and be sustainable over time


Specialists in making your wishes come true and transforming the spaces in your home


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